Sideclick was formed in early 2013 as a reimagining of our web development company. Increasingly we were finding that we were becoming indispensable to our clients – Cape Town's heroes if you will. Incidentally that is where Cape Town got its name — ordinary people were always spotting our SideClick Superheroes wearing their costumes and capes... hence Cape Town!

We decided that we liked the image – after all everyone loves being a hero.

About Sideclick

At Sideclick, our passion for technology is what drives us. But it’s more than that – it’s a passion for solving problems. Because let’s face it – each site (like each hero) is unique and no challenge is the same. In this industry a generic, vanilla approach becomes stale quickly. We’re different – and we like it that way!

Sideclick Superhero Team

Our purpose

Our purpose is to be your hero!

Whether we are delivering a web design, partnering with you to develop your web application or just hosting your web site – we want to blow you away with our MAD skills!

Our promise

Information Technology is a science, it’s a passion and it’s an art. But those things are secondary – what is important is the solution. Too often developers don’t take responsibility for their solutions. Technical jargon is used as a smoke screen to hide laziness, sloppiness, poor planning and lack of work ethic. At Sideclick we promise to deliver solutions! Let us worry about the technical and we won’t bother you with the jargon.

Meet the Heroes

Divan Egers (Director)

Founder & Superhero
Divan is a director and co-founder of Sideclick. He has extensive experience in designing and developing scalable web applications and solutions. Divan has particular interest in using web applications and tools to design solutions that solve challenging and complex problems.

Divan was the solution designer and senior developer responsible for the development of an administration system used to manage the incentive programme for a large multi-national telecommunications company. There were over 5,000 active participants on this programme.

Rowan Reid (Director)

Founder & Superhero
Rowan excels at the role of Project Manager and Lead Developer and has strong technical programming skills. Rowan has developed web applications for a variety of businesses, covering a wide range of fields but all having the common theme of data intensive requirements.

Rowan is an expert in rapid prototyping and is a pioneer and champion of a Rapid Development Framework for application development and plans to release this framework as an Open Source product.

Barry Christianson

Senior Web Developer & Hero
Barry loves to research and develop new and innovative ways to programme. Continually pushing the boundaries, Barry is our secret weapon. He ensures that our solutions are always at the forefront of technical innovation.

Barry is an expert in web development and open-source and somewhat of an amateur photographer.

Shiraats Davids


Shaun Thomson