Introducing SideClick
Introducing SideClick
(in Sideclick by Divan Egers on 23 Jan 2014)
So this is SideClick. It's new and it's shiny and it's the culmination of a very long road. It's a road full of hard work, toil and selfless acts of web bravery that has led us here. SideClick is YOUR web hero company and here's why...

SideClick was founded by Divan and Rowan in early 2013. We've been friends since we started at Rondebosch Boys High School way back in 1995. Ever since then we've been united by a passion for technology, particularly computers.
We've been in this industry for a very long time. Ever since we graduated from UCT, both of us with a BSc in Computer Science, we've been developing websites and web applications. We started out as owners and founders of Knowledge Crucible back in 2004. Since then we've successfully operated Knowledge Crucible as one of Cape Town's leading web development companies.

Our philosophy was simple: whatever it takes to get the job done! We've burned the midnight oil, battled super mutant coding bugs and sleep deprivation to solve some of the most challenging problems. When we find ourselves on a "Sticky Wicket", we grit our teeth, dig deep and find that hero spirit that has very much become a defining feature of our journey from tech startup to web development superheroes!

Along the way, we've joined forces with other web development and web design heroes to form the SideClick Team. It's a team brimming with talent and confidence, ready and able to tackle the toughest challenges. Together we've rallied our superpowers – powers that allow us to deliver the impossible – to protect all of Cape Town from bad design and buggy code!

So let's talk symbology – as in what is the symbology (Sorry – obscure movie reference here*) of SideClick logo? Let us know of any interesting ideas on the symbolism that you can see in our logo – we'd love to hear from you! There are four things that we wanted to convey. For each person that guesses one we'll give one month's free web hosting or a free registration.

This is who we are, we very much hope that you like it – we do!

* A whole years free hosting to the first person to guess the movie. Don't cheat and use google – we're web superheroes – we'll know!
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Rachel kendal on 30 Jan 2014 said:
I'm way late I'm sure but obviously Boondock Saints! I'm getting a police sunglasses vibe from the logo...prob not what you were going for but the first thing that came to mind. This is awesome guys. Well done
Divan Egers on 02 Feb 2014 said:
Congratulations Rachel!! Well done you were correct - the move is Boondock Saints. A SideClick superhero is on his way with your prize. Enjoy!
Lynn Reid on 04 Feb 2014 said:
Very nice! What an awesome friendly great team of guys!
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