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Client Amazing Picture Box
Brief Kevin loves great films, and great television. Very occasionally he loves bad films and bad television. Invariably the stuff he enjoyed the most he had to hunt down. It wasn't on broadcast, satellite or cable television. He had an idea for a website that would help him and others like him easily find films and television they love or might love.
Solution Amazing Picture Box is a place where we want you to find stuff. Wonderful stuff. Terrific stuff. Not necessarily stuff the whole world likes. But what your unique, beautiful, brilliant, idiotic, funny, belligerent, strange and/or well-balanced mind is looking for. If you're tired of being spoon-fed entertainment off a production line we're exactly where you should be. If films and television are something you sit down in front of to switch off, to tune out the world, then you're in the wrong place. Best of luck and enjoy it all. Or hang around to check out our ideas. It works because you want it to. You feed our discovery engine information and it looks for ways to connect you up with great stuff.
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