Sideclick Studios Products & Services

SideClick is an internet services company. We have no marketing or sales team and all our clients deal directly with one of our directors. Up until this point all of our business has been referral based. When we take on a project we see it through to completion; on time and within budget... always!

Our primary focus lies in developing feature-rich and database-driven web applications. We love a challenge. When you have a mission-critical product or service that you need developed and don't know who to turn to; SideClick are the team that you need!

In the SideClick secret base there are a number of web development superheroes that have been doing this for a very long time. Over the years we have noticed that there are two inescapable questions that clients are always asking;

To get a small taste of the projects we've worked on, why not take a look at our portfolio of past projects.

We believe in solving problems, not in beating the problem until it fits some prebuilt solution. We routinely pick up stalled projects and turn them around. We are experts in Rapid Application Development using cutting edge frameworks. We work primarily in PHP, a powerful server-side scripting language. Our core team possess a very particular skills, skills that make us every clients dream. We will work with you to deliver solutions that exceed your expectations time and time again.

Our designers and User Experience (UX) experts make extensive use of jQuery and jQuery UI addons to deliver a slick and seamless web experience.

We offer professional and quality solutions in the following areas;

Web Design Web Development Web Hosting Internet Marketing
Web design Web application development Domain registration & renewal Online Marketing
Creative design and layout Solution development Web hosting Search Engine Optimization
Print media Product development (, Email hosting Blogging
Publishing 3rd party integration (web services, Facebook, etc)   Strategy
Creative communications     Analytics
      Website assessments