Domain Registration South Africa

Paying for domain registration and renewal is like paying your municipal rates. It covers the basic services that allow your domain to be discovered on the World Wide Web and secures your ownership of that domain for the period of 1 year.

Domain names must be renewed annually and if a domain is allowed to lapse then it becomes publically available and anyone can secure it for themselves. There is a grace period, typically up to 40 days where your domain name has still been reserved for you. Once that grace period expires a number of scenarios are possible.

Imagine the horror if you discover that you forgot your domain renewal and someone else has taken it over. Your email will no longer work - your website could be replaced with something totally different. The new registrant could even try and sell the domain back to you at an inflated price or worse, use your domain (that previously had an excellent reputation) to host and serve malware — thereby destroying all the credibilty that you built up over the years. Be certain that you no longer need a domain before allowing it to lapse.

At Sideclick we aim to make your web solutions as simple as possible. That's why we are happy to register and renew all domains on your behalf — ensuring that you have peace of mind and hassle-free hosting with no nasty surprises down the road. We will never allow your domain to lapse without your permission - even if we have to pay for it ourselves!

Scams and tricksters

Unfortunately dishonesty is a reality of the times that we live in. While most domain names (apart from a very small number of exceptions) have little value to any other than their owners. There are scammers out there that pray on this. If you are planning on registering a domain then here are some things you MUST know about domain registration.

Some less than scrupulous companies have attempted various scams to trick unsuspecting victims into transfering their domains or changing their host. Some of these transfer scams even attempt to impersonate an authority by sending authentic looking emails, faxes or mail. These messages often contain meaningless paragraphs designed to confuse readers into complicity.

Fortunately your Heroes at SideClick have seen their fair share of these scams. We are completely immune!

Sideclick Promise

At Sideclick, YOU are our priority. We guarantee 99.9% uptime on all hosting products. If we don't live up to this promise — you don't pay!