Online Marketing Cape Town

With an amazing website or web-based application you may have the most powerful superhero talent or abilities, but without anyone knowing about it, you may not rise up to dominate the world.

Of course you can spend massive budgets on traditional marketing and advertising to let people know about your website, alternatively you can rely on the SideClick superheros find you a ton of customers using online marketing.

We don’t only get people instrested in your service, our online marketing strategies include ways to convert these interested people into customers and into revenue for you!

This is how we approach online marketing:

  • Before we build your website we research how people buy your product or service online or conduct research for it online which informs the strategy and structure of your website.
  • We drive the right profile of person to your website using strategic blogging and social media marketing.
  • If your budget allows, we augment these lead genertion efforts with paid online advertising.
  • On your website we ensure there are ways of capturing people that are ready to buy, as well as those that are not ready to buy yet so that you can build a solid sales pipeline.
  • We build content marketing programmes to convert these potential buyers into customers, as well as run re-targeting programmes.

We believe that every cent you spend on digital marketing should result in rands being added to your bank account because ultimately your success is our success.

Let SideClick help you grow your business with performance based online marketing, contact us today.