Solution Development Cape Town

The explosive growth of the internet has unlocked a wealth of information that is now accessible to everyone. Wonderful web applications and services are at our fingertips... we need only search. But what happens when you want to be a part, to create your own?

Well... that is where we come in. At SideClick we specialise in developing rich web applications and slick websites using the latest and greatest techniques. Our team of heroes and superheroes have extensive experience in creating complex and scalable web applications with frontend and backend administration systems serving large user bases. We aim to solve business problems through the creative use of tools available on the web.

When your requirements don’t fit the mould then you need a SideClick solution! Some of our recent solutions include;

  • Integrating with banks to deliver loyalty and incentive gift cards and Rewardscards.
  • Created unique cloud-based applications from scratch (3nergise, Mpull and Infology).

Our solution development process;

  • Business analysis – What is the problem that we are going to solve? What are the processes and who are the role-players involved? Identify the critical challenges.
  • Solution research - Identify potential solutions. Conduct research and feasibility testing on critical components.
  • Solution documentation – Document the solution, how will it be achieved and what are the components? This can be a one-pager or a complete functional specification document.
  • Solution development – Implement the design solution and test.

Take a look at our solution development portfolio for some examples of how we’ve helped our clients solve real world business problems.

What problems can we solve for you? Give us a shout or try our secret Sideclick signal.