Web Design Cape Town

In the realms of cyberspace your best opportunity to make a lasting impression on your potential customers is through your website. Sideclick offers creative and web design services from our studios in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa. Our award winning team of creative superhero web designers are waiting to turn your brand into something truly special.

We are solutions development experts. We bridge the gap between web design and web development to deliver sites that are pleasing to the eye, user friendly and rich in features.

The internet has evolved – it’s evolving. We can no longer afford to think about web design as the process of creating a nice looking website from a collection of stock images. All across the world web designers are constantly innovating and web developers are challenging boundaries – you need a partner at the forefront of this movement. Sideclick is an internet company with the vision that will set you apart from your competition.

At Sideclick we think of web design as a process of nurturing your ideas and creativity, watering them with a little of our magic touch and watching it blossom into an amazing and unique site. When we start a design project there is one key ingredient that we rely on. Our secret weapon that no other design studio values – IT’s YOU! After all who knows your needs better than yourself!

All of our web design projects begin the same way – with our creative superheroes and a sketch pad. This is how we deliver magic;

  • Together with you we will brainstorm and understand the vision you have for your site, gathering your requirements and formulating them into a sold plan.
  • Our creative superheroes will then retreat to our secret design studio and develop a number of creative concepts – these can include website mock-ups, logo designs or even a complete corporate identity.
  • We will then contact you (typically a week later – perhaps using our secret Sideclick signal - look up at the night sky) and present our concepts.
  • You choose the design that best matches your vision and then based on your feedback we will refine that design so that it aligns perfectly with the vision you have for your brand.
  • Then the fun starts – your exciting new concept is hand delivered (escorted by one of our very own superheroes – of course) to our finished-art department. These very special heroes turn the creative concept into print and web ready magic.

Sideclick is your internet partner – we’re ready to partner with you to ensure that you succeed! Give us a shout, hit us on our contact page or try our secret Sideclick signal.